Monterey Bay Action Committee - Candidates  
Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

The Monterey Bay Action Committee - Candidates PAC was created in 2015. The purpose is to support candidates on the Monterey Peninsula and in the County of Monterey.

Donations to the Monterey Bay Action Committee - Candidates will help enhance the economic vitality and viability of the business community which includes tourism, agriculture, education, property ownership and in general all industries that are located on the peninsula or in the county that have a direct impact on the peninsula.


A resource for the entire world.


The importance of housing.


Balancing business's & resident's needs.

About Us

Meet The Members

Jeff Davi, Chair
Paul Bruno, Vice Chair
Carol Chorbajian, Secretary /Treasurer

Teddy Balestreri
Marc Kelley
Rick Aldinger
Kathy Anderson

Supporting organizations include:

  Monterey Commercial Property Owners Association
  Monterey County Hospitality Association